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Product Image Mosquito Net For Bed - Terylene Fabric Blue

Foldable Mosquito Net For Bed - Poly-Cotton


1) Fold-able Mosquito Net for Bed:

Fold-able mosquito Nets are modern bed nets as it requires no tying or hanging. It can be installed within 2 mins and can be folded and kept in a small bag when not in use. Foldable mosquito net for bed are elegantly designed and perfectly crafted to avoid mosquito bites and other large insects.Hence it keeps you completely off from mosquitoes.  It has a unique double Pull zipper on  either sides, these zippers enable your entry and exist to the bed. Our nets comes in different sizes, quality and colors.

2) Poly-Cotton Fabric:

Poly-Cotton fabric is characterized by lightness and create resistance to tear , hence Poly-Cotton fabric mosquito nets are the best ones for air ventilation and durability.  These nets are of white color and has a small border on all sides which comes in blue or pink color.  Mosquito mesh with Blue border are known as Blue variant and the one with Pink border is known as Pink variant. 

Beautiful Lace design and its color gives aesthetic look to the net. Blue lace to the blue variant & Pink lace to the pink variant. 

Honey comb shaped mesh allows maximum air to pass through the net. Every part of this mosquito netting is crafted with perfection and quality. Dual terylene yarn gives maximum durability and tear resistance. 

These net comes in following sizes. 

  - Single bed, Queen Size bed & King Size bed.

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