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About Us


Netsbaba.com originated with the desire to provide simple and effective solution to avoid itchy mosquito bites and most importantly to avoid mosquito borne diseases. Compared to any organism, Mosquitoes are the most menacing and dangerous animal on the planet earth. It accounts for the most number of human deaths worldwide. Every Year over millions die from mosquito borne diseases. 
Netsbaba.com is the brand owned by M/S Future Clicks with the registered office at Chennai. We are the first and the only dedicated eCommerce website to sell mosquito nets for bed with sales support. Netsbaba.com is progressed by a bunch of talented professionals, with hardcore experience in sourcing and selling unique mosquito nets in India.
We source the most effective mosquito net across India and provide it to people who look for simple & efficient way to avoid mosquito borne diseases. We take utmost care in sourcing the finest mosquito mesh, yarn & fabric and provide maximum details about the product to the customers. We sell variety of mosquito net for bed with excellent customer support. We clarify all your queries before making a purchase decision, which in turn help them to choose the right product. Customers can place orders online or via phone or by mail. We offer variety of mosquito nets for bed with excellent customer support.